More tools, new gear, still lousy light.

Brim + Birch has evolved a bit over the past month since our launch.  First we are extremely happy to have a great deal on some fantastic Horween leather and are able to offer to our customers for a short time. There are several pictures showcasing our products with this leather option throughout the site.  We hope to be able to find a good and cost effective source to continue offering this option.  More specialized tools are available to us now to move projects and orders along faster.  That said, old reliable tools never go out of style and make handcrafted goods so sought after.  Below Scott was prototyping NO.6 The Lindy which is an offshoot of #9 The Evolution. We absolutely love the ability to pick the interior fabric on these wallets and really helps make the one you choose truly yours.  We moved some items out of our inventory and did some rearranging and scrubbing to make the site easier to browse. What hasn't changed is the lousy lighting in the workshop.  That said, I kind of like it that way now.  Headlamp and all!  Inspired me to design the second photo as well.  Hope you like it...


Brim + Birch leather wallets and EDC caddys.  Light of Creating.