Today we launch - 12/9/2018

Its a special day for many reasons.  Today I realized my vision that I had planned toward for several months now.  Launch day! 

Hello! I am Scott, the craftsman behind Brim + Birch.

I have an office day job, I dabble in all things electronics and automation and enjoy building smart homes.  I enjoy going shooting at the range with my friends and spending time with my family.  I also pay it forward by helping others with technology by volunteering my time to share my gift when I see the need arise.  As many of us do, I spend a lot of my time in front of a computer screen managing email and creating presentations that others re-write.  You know, Corporate America style.  I wanted a craft that would take me away from a computer but also creatively challenge me.

My wife owns Be Good Designs and creates beautiful leather earrings.  Check her out on  Facebook.  She has a great following and creates some awesome designed and crafted leather work.

What inspired me to take up leather working was  the need to create something, to improve on what was created by others and to make something that gained character and beauty as it ages.  I have always admired quality leather goods including shoes, belts and wallets.  I see so much cheap mass-produced imports that last a few months than start disintegrating.   I am living two dreams: creating quality American made leather goods and building a future beyond Corporate America. 

But today is not just launch day its also a special day for several important reasons.  Today i am being watched over.  Today is day 666 of a hugely important Quit (thank God its on a Sunday) and its a special day for a special lady who is in a better place.  Happy Birthday Grandma Robson.  We miss you!

So Let's Roll and Let's Do This!

Scott Robson